At the Gastrobar, and at all other restaurants of Ron, people are well taken care of. They work hard but everything is possible and Ron has a big heart for anyone who shows that he wants to. That’s why all businesses are closed 1 day a year at the same time and it is time for a party. Without going into the juicy details, because they can party like the best, I will lift a small corner of the veil about eating behavior.

While the men and women from Sophialaan, from Kerkstraat, from Ouderkerk, from Laren and let’s not forget HQ Diemen, are daily surrounded by the most exquisite ingredients and dishes, they think very differently about food in their spare time. Before a day of sports and games you cannot make them happier than with a good hot dog, and that is one of my specialties. A good sausage, just like Ron, I get it from butcher Bart Ridder in Ouderkerk, is the basis. As far as I’m concerned, the sandwich is the means of transport, an “Amstelveldje” is fine, but it should be toasted. And then a table full of condiments so you can give the dog some allure. Different mayos, plain, wasabi and chili, different sour from Oos (Kesbeke), some salads including my famous coleslaw, fried onions, crumbled seaweed prawn crackers, in short a wild party.

No rocket science, the hot dog, but a snack that you can score high with if you make it a little tasty! This is not really a recipe, more like a list of tips and examples. Grilling over charcoal is tasty, or on a plancha, but a frying pan will also get you a long way.

A hot dog consists of a few parts;
1. The bun. Just a simple hot dog bun, warm, not crispy.

2. The sausage, a Frankfurter! Find a butcher who makes them themself, they exist!

3. The sauce, quite an important seasoning.

4. The garnish, for more flavor, and maybe a crunch.


10 hot dogs

Simple      bun-sausage-sweet mustard-ketchup

Thai          bun-sausage-mayonnaise+Thai dipping sauce-fried onions-coriander

USA          bun-sausage-warm sauerkraut-white bbq sauce

Japan       bun-sausage-wakame-mayonnaise with wasabi (20:1)-furikake

Morocco  bun-lamb sausage (merguez)-mayonnaise+harissa (10:2)-hazelnuts

Oriental   bun-sausage-atjar-sam jang-fried onions

Italy          bun-sausage-gremolata-crispy fried bacon-basil

Lucious    bun-sausage-soft boiled quail eggs-Hollandaise sauce-parsley

Mexico     bun-sausage-salsa avocado-sweet and sour tomatoes-Poblano

Spicy        bun-sausage-chili jam-mango chutney-lemon aioli




Appeltje Eitje

Verder in Gastronieuws


Godfrey of Bouillon, born on September 18, 1060, was Duke of Lower Lorraine from 1089 to 1100, but even more importantly one of the leaders


Eating out when traveling is always a party, and if it’s not, you should make it a party! It depends of course on the destination,


Looking for inspiration I ‘walk’ through the menu of the Gastrobar, my eye falls on the canelés, and I love them! I once got a