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Since July 1, 2021, all terraces of the Ron Gastrobar restaurants are smoke-free.
Provided it is a small and quiet dog that stays at the table. At Ron Gastrobar Indonesia the dog is not allowed to go to the restaurant.


A reservation can be canceled up to 2 hours in advance. We do not charge a fee when canceling a reservation. It is highly appreciated if a reservation is canceled or changed in time in advance.
A reservation can be changed up to 2 hours in advance. We do our utmost to change the reservation to the time and date of your choice, provided there is still room. It is highly appreciated if a reservation is canceled or changed in time in advance.


It is possible to park around the Sophialaan. Paid parking applies here.
Q-Park (Byzantium) Parking garage at Marriot Hotel (Tesselschadestraat 1G)
Small and large parking lot on the Amstelslag. There is also a possibility to dock by boat.
Free parking at Stationsweg 1.


In the restaurants you can pay with Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.
Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Ron Gastrobar Oriental Downtown in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam, Ron Gastrobar Indonesia in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Ron Gastrobar Indonesia Laren aan de Brink. In addition, Ron Gastrobar Supersoft, Ron Gastrobar Streetfood, Ron Gastrobar At Home and Ron Blaauw Central Station also belong to the Ron Gastrobar family.

We always love to get feedback! You can address this to feedback@rongastrobar.nl


The word bar is in our name for a reason!
Ron loves music…. And that may be a little harder.
Fortunately, we make more than 10 mistakes every day. Ron always says it’s not about the mistakes you make, it’s about the solution you offer. We would therefore like to hear during your visit if something is not to your liking.
All suggestions we make will be taken into account.
There is no children’s menu or toys, but we are sure that children will feel welcome with us and will enjoy themselves.
We are very understanding if you are unable to show up for your reservation. It is nice if you let us know in advance, so that we can make someone else happy with your spot. We will send a confirmation email, reminder email and call on the day itself to prevent someone from not coming.
We work with different cultures and ages.
Too spicy? Indicate in advance that you do not like spicy food. Our kitchen team will then take this into account.
We have a menu with modern and refined dishes. Of course it is always a matter of personal taste. What one person finds tasteful, another may experience as bland.
We strive for a good price-quality ratio. The coordination of the price has to do with the purchase of refined products that you taste in the dishes.
We carry a menu with dishes where we always try to take into account the size of the portions, for some this is often too much and for others too little. Ask our team for advice!
If something really went wrong during the visit, we would of course like to hear about it and look for a solution together.
We also have to stick to the corona measures. We have chosen to have all employees work with a mouth cap. This is for the safety of you and our employee. We understand that this presents a different picture than before Corona, however, we fully support our choice because the health of our guest and our employee is central. We hope this will not stop you from visiting us as long as the measures are in place.