I’m making a series about essential items in the kitchen, and by that I mean ingredients. I immediately think of onion, garlic, butter and lemon, for me they immediately take the first 4 places, the order doesn’t matter to me. When I ask Ron the question, I receive the answer by return mail; Eggs! Now I know that he has a special bond with those things, just look at his logo, and there is always a dish with egg on the menu of the Gastrobars. Let’s dive into it briefly, into the egg…, after all, it was just World Egg Day (2nd Friday of October).


Who was there before is a frequently asked question and according to the Quest, and they often know, it really is the egg. Hundreds of millions of years ago, fish, amphibians and reptiles laid eggs, which answers the general question about eggs. The chicken egg, however, is a slightly different story, but here too the scientists state that sometime in prehistoric times two bird species had sex with each other, after which the female laid an egg that developed into the first real chicken. According to the same scientists, the animal that laid the first chicken egg is not a chicken itself. Voila…!


I suspect that Ron’s fascination started in Aujourd ‘hui, the former restaurant of Henk Tuin in the Cornelis Kruzemanstraat in Amsterdam. We are talking in the late eighties, early nineties and after his time in the Kersentuin Ron had quickly risen to become kitchen chef at Henk’s, but not after he had first ‘headed’ a few thousand eggs and then filled them with baveux scrambled eggs with chives.’ Henk’s egg’. The rest is history…


A quick word about eggs; When you buy eggs in the store, eggs from the farmer hardly exist anymore, you often see a series of numbers, which is nice to pay attention to. The first digit is actually the most important, followed by the country code and the registration number of the producer. If the first number is 0 you can proceed to the next round, you will then have an organic egg from an organic chicken. They spend 1/3 of their lives outside on 4 square meters per chicken, or snugly with 6 of them on 1 meter inside and can behave as a chicken likes. They eat organically and mainly receive homeopathic pills when they have the flu. A 1 means an egg from a free-range chicken that lives under almost the same conditions as the organic chicken, but is a little more cramped inside, and that is also the reason why the beak is often removed so that they do not push each other out of boredom. body go. A 2 on the egg means free-range eggs and that comes from chickens that can free-range all day, but within the litter, and with 9 ones per meter. And without a beak, so we won’t take that! The eggs with a 3, the so-called enriched cage eggs, are almost impossible for us mortals to buy anymore, they are for industry and export and very occasionally on the market. Still, it is a bit of a tangle with those numerical codes, so there is also a quality mark, the Better Life Quality Mark, with 1, 2 or 3 stars, so you can pay better attention to that.


The possibilities with eggs are endless, hence Ron’s fascination of course. You can cook, bake, poach them and even eat them raw. Processing it into an omelette, tying the liaison for a quiche, making mayonnaise, baking a cake, making béarnaise sauce, there are countless possibilities, as long as you take into account that an egg solidifies at a temperature of around 70º. Egg whites already set at 63º, yolks at 68º, so keep that in mind. I always maintain a safe 65º when making sauces


Enough about eggs (if you want to know more, listen to my podcast, Julius’ Pantry, where I tell you much more about it). In the meantime, if you want to eat an egg at Ron’s, you can of course. We have scallop flan (with egg), Romaine lettuce with egg, sole with remoulade (and therefore egg) and of course Ron’s Surprise egg, but that’s mainly sweet!


An egg is part of it, just remember that.


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