Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Ron Gastrobar Oriental Downtown. From Friday 21 January to Tuesday 31 January, the restaurant on Kerkstraat will serve an exclusive menu full of Chinese surprises.

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival or Spring Festival. It is the most important holiday in Chinese culture and represents the start of a clean slate. To celebrate a new year with Ron Gastrobar Oriental Downtown a fantastic Chinese menu for 69 euros per person.

Chinese New Year menu

Tasting of six of our best Dim Sum


Cod rouleaux with nori and herring roe


Peking duck with leek, cucumber, buns and hoisin


Tangerine soft ice cream with 5 spice

Red envelope

The red envelope is a Chinese New Year gift filled with money. These red packages were usually given by parents, grandparents of employers to the children, grandchildren or employees during Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, it has become a tradition that everyone gives each other these envelopes.

Ron Gastrobar Group also distributes red envelopes! Did you receive a red 'envelope' during your visit to one of our restaurants or with your order from rongastrobarathome.nl? Then we will give you a free snack with the Chinese New Year menu. Let us know during your reservation that you have received a red envelope, take it to the restaurant and enjoy your free snack!


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