Traditionally, we start the year with good intentions. In 2023, no fewer than one in three Dutch people want to eat more or completely vegan*. Beautiful, of course, but keeping those good intentions is challenging. The second Friday of January, is known worldwide as Quitters Day. For this day, for all who have vegan intentions, we developed the Veganuary Box in collaboration with As of today, you can order a full vegan menu for two people with surprising and tasty street food dishes at all Ron Gastrobar Streetfood locations exclusively via

Vegan street food for home

The Veganuary Box is a completely vegan menu for two, which gourmets can enjoy at home. The box offers a solution, especially for those who traditionally have a hard time keeping up with good vegan resolutions in the second half of January.

Availability and menu

From Friday January 13, the Veganuary Box will be exclusively available via at Ron Gastrobar Streetfood locations in Amsterdam, Delft and Rotterdam. The menu includes a variety of vegan dishes with surprising flavors and ingredients. And to end the evening in style, the Veganuary Box also contains the special Vegan Ben & Jerry’s x Tony’s Non-Dairy Chocolatey Love-A-Fair.

Vegan Box – Ron Gastrobar Streetfood:

4x Vegan Samosa | Ginger chili sauce
4 x Vegan Korean Meatballs | Sesame, kimchi
3x flat bread
Tahini Dip | Sesame paste, olive oil and lime
Hummus Dip | Chickpeas, sumac, olive oil
Tumis Tempeh Tahoe | Rice, tempeh, sweet soy sauce, tempeh crumble
Redefine Meat Salad | red cabbage, red chicory, little gem, citrus dressing
Vegan Ben & Jerry’s x Tony’s Non-Dairy Chocolatey Love-A-Fair

The design of the special Veganuary Box is also one to frame. Inspired by the box’s vegan dishes and the origin of the ingredients, artist Niels Egidius has been put to work. He made a beautiful watercolor artwork that was converted into a design for the Veganuary Box especially for Ron Gastrobar.

* Research conducted by Mortar Research among 1,000 Dutch people (December 2022).


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