Origin Egg

There is an egg in every logo of the Ron Gastrobar restaurants. But not only in the logos; This ingredient is also widely used or designed in dishes. The repeated return of the egg is of course not just because there are several good reasons behind it. Ron takes you through the origin of the meaningful egg of the Ron Gastrobar restaurants. Are you reading along?

Its origins start with the first job where Ron was a chef; Aujourd’hui. “Those were the days when the amuse-bouche was a kind of residual processing of what a restaurant had left over that day. So if you had some salmon left over, you made salmon mousse on toast.”
“At one point I went on a business trip to Paris, where I had dinner at Allan Pazaat. That was my first three star experience. At that restaurant I got an amuse-bouche with a poached egg, which was so delicious!”

After Ron was blown away by an actually simple, yet very tasty dish, Ron knew he had to take a new angle. “After the trip, I came back to Aujourd’hui and said to the owner; I’m going to make a regular amuse-bouche! Which was not common at the time, but luckily I was allowed to do it. And it was very much appreciated! After a while, regular guests even asked about the amuse-bouche with the poached egg and Aujourd’hui was called the restaurant of ‘that egg’.”

“The egg is proof to me that you should stick to what you want and not give in to what is customary or what everyone else is doing.”

In addition, the egg has another important meaning according to Ron; “It is the emergence of something new. If you don’t have anything at home, but still have a few eggs, you can always make something fantastic! For example, if my son gets a fried fried egg, he’s over the moon! In addition, you can make so many different kinds of dishes with an egg. It’s a wonderful ingredient.”

“The egg has always remained…” Ron ends the story behind the origin of the Ron Gastrobar egg.


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