Ron’s passion for cooking

Ron’s beautiful and vibrant Ron Gastrobar restaurants and other culinary ventures can only come from one thing: passion! Passion for catering, entrepreneurship and of course cooking.

When asked why Ron has developed such a passion for cooking, he didn’t have to think twice… “When I started my internship at La Ciboulette, I became fascinated with the whole process from ingredient to dish. The owner of the restaurant went to the market to get produce, then came back with mushrooms and made soup with them. Then I thought; wow you can make something out of everything.”

In addition to creating dishes, Ron has become enchanted by the flavors that come together: “I also spent two evenings in the dishwashing kitchen. And then the pans came in and then I went to taste those sauces. I remember those flavors!”

This passion for cooking and his love for the city of Amsterdam have been the source of the Ron Gastrobar concept. Ron likes people who are straight forward and say what they mean, something that is symbolic for the city of Amsterdam. In addition, Ron likes the uncomplicated feel of the city. Something that Ron also shows in all his ventures; uncomplicated and accessible, without too many rules.


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