Start new season restaurant misverstand

The second season of Restaurant Misverstand, in collaboration with Alzheimer Nederland, has started again! In the program presented by Johnny de Mol, Ron accompanies young people with dementia in the kitchen.

Alzheimer Netherlands

Dementia is a disease in which the brain can no longer process information properly. The most well-known form of dementia is Alzheimer’s, which causes memory problems.
The restaurant brings together people who individually are going through a rough time, but who understand each other’s problems like no other. With the program Alzheimer Nederland hopes to bring to light the problem that young people also experience this disease.

Restaurant Misverstand

Temporarily, people start working as a restaurant employee as a cook, hostess, bartender or server! It is not only a beautiful and challenging experience for participants with dementia, but also for family and friends! Seeing your father, mother, brother or sister again in full glory is wonderful.

The second season of Restaurant Misverstand can be seen from September 1 at 21:30 on SBS6.


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