Ron wins Snackmasters

Yes! Ron wins the first season of Snackmasters from RTL4! The program showed how the participating chefs tried to imitate a known snack in their own restaurant kitchen without any clues. The jury, which consisted of Miljuschka Witzenhausen and the makers of the original snacks, determined who continued and who dropped out. In the final Ron turned out to be better able to imitate a cocktail nut than his last remaining competitor Dennis Huwaë.

First episode

In the first episode, presented by Martijn Krabbé, Ron had to fight against his former student Bobby Rust. The challenge was to make one of Amsterdam’s famous snacks: the double grill burger from the FEBO! Within two days, the two competitive chefs had to figure out the recipe. Not an easy task, but Ron’s cooking managed to convince the jury and went through to the next round.

Second episode

In the second episode, Ron faced the well-known chef Richard van Oostenbrugge. According to Ron, both chefs had to imitate the well-known and sweet bacon from Frisia, according to Ron. Again the victory took place, with the result that Ron can no longer see bacon!

Not a bad start to the first season as far as we’re concerned!


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