The wine list

I often get questions about the wine list. About the structure, the interpretation and why I chose certain wines. Sometimes I have a clear answer, but sometimes I would prefer to say; “no idea, because it was good” or “because the story is so good”

That’s not to say I haven’t thought about it, just that I haven’t weighed up every decision against all of the previous ones.

In some restaurants you get a whole bible on the table, and not just the old testament, no, both wills in one cover. Even as a sommelier, it can sometimes make me a little insecure. That is not the case with us. Our wine list is shaped by the Ron Gastrobar concept; no more than a few ingredients on a plate, with a star*, but no fuss

The wine list is also structured like this; a small 20 white wines and the same number of red wines per bottle, with a few key words what the guest can expect in terms of taste and experiences. Simple, understandable and good. Countries, regions and prices intertwine, because the taste is leading: from light to heavy wines.
In addition, the wine list includes ten white and ten red wines by the glass, which form a wide range of smaller taste experiences, just like all the small dishes on the dinner menu.

Our wine list is not a bible, but it is certainly worth reading and more importantly; understandable to everyone.


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