Eating should be a party and we would prefer that we take everything off your hands and that you join us around Christmas (there are still a few places left…). At the same time, I can imagine that you don’t go to a restaurant for 4 days, so it might be nice to do a […]


If I come to a party, preferably in a glitter suit… “why?” and Ron mumbles something about a book… I can’t make it that evening because I’m flying to the other end of the world at that moment, so I miss a wild party in his Gastrobar Oriental, unfortunately… A few months later Ron and […]


Godfrey of Bouillon, born on September 18, 1060, was Duke of Lower Lorraine from 1089 to 1100, but even more importantly one of the leaders of the First Crusade. He was proclaimed the first king of Jerusalem but refused that title, preferring to call himself guardian or defender of the Holy Sepulchre. He was born […]


Eating out when traveling is always a party, and if it’s not, you should make it a party! It depends of course on the destination, but also on what you choose. I always try to keep it as local as possible and look for dishes that I suspect the chef on duty is good at. […]


Looking for inspiration I ‘walk’ through the menu of the Gastrobar, my eye falls on the canelés, and I love them! I once got a beautiful book from Santa Claus; ‘Le grand livre de la cuisine Française, recettes de bourgeoises et populares’ by Jean François Piège, a great French chef. A kind of Standard Work, […]


It’s wonderful, watching people on Ron’s terrace on Sophialaan, drinking cocktails, a glass of wine, beautiful dishes and ending with the spare ribs without bone, great! Or what about the terrace on the Amstel in Ouderkerk… also wonderful, but you also want to spend an evening at home. Wear old trousers, flip flops, crackling fire…, […]


Summer may not be the best time for a city vacation, but the fact is that a city like Paris is emptied of local residents and taken over by tourists. Personally, I find cities impossible to do for more than 24 hours in the summer, but I like to make a stop in Paris on […]


Today I am inspired by the wonderful journey that Ron and his daughter just made through Korea and Japan, with a bibimbap recipe. Bibimbap is a Korean dish with rice, beef, vegetables, kimchee, raw egg and gochujang sauce in the base, and then you can add all kinds of condiments. The first time I ate […]


At the Gastrobar, and at all other restaurants of Ron, people are well taken care of. They work hard but everything is possible and Ron has a big heart for anyone who shows that he wants to. That’s why all businesses are closed 1 day a year at the same time and it is time […]


A secretary is a person who often performs secretarial work as an employee, usually for an official or agency in a supporting role. This can happen if someone does not have time to deal with it themselves, for example doctors or directors. Every third Thursday in April is Secretary’s Day. On that day, secretaries are […]