Latest addition Gastrobar family: Supersoft

It’s finally here! Laren gets another ice cream parlor. On Friday 9 July 2021 Ron Gastrobar Supersoft opened its doors in the Brink. Where the well-known ice cream parlor used to be, in Gooische terms, the ‘Pandelaar’. It will be a place where people of all ages can come together again to enjoy a soft ice cream in a Ron Blaauw jacket!

Product Range

There is a nice assortment of six types of soft ice cream, so that there is a taste for everyone! There is of course also a vegan option for those interested. For the people who can’t choose, different flavors can also mix! In addition, you can transform the soft ice cream into a work of art with the 8 different flavors and 19 different toppings. The soft ice creams can be composed yourself or you can order one of the Specials composed by us! It doesn’t get any easier! And not tastier either!

The idea

From the start that the restaurant Ron Gastrobar Indonesia Laren started, Ron knew that the ice cream shop would come. The restaurant has a passage to the shop. But first the restaurant had to be finished from head to toe. At Ron Gastrobar Indonesia Laren you can enjoy the most delicious and sensational Indian and Indonesian dishes, composed by Chef Agus. Afterwards you can go to the ice cream parlor and enjoy a delicious dessert.

The concept for a soft ice cream originated from the famous small soft ice creams that people have been getting at Ron Gastrobar in Oud-Zuid for years. In addition, it is Ron’s favorite; an old-fashioned soft ice cream!


Appeltje Eitje

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